Care and education are probably the most important tasks for a nanny.

A nanny is generally responsible for all aspects of a child’s or children’s life, whether they are new-born or teenagers. Nannies may only be required during the parents’ absence or at all times.

Our nannies are professionals.

They are patient, attentive and able to guide the child, or children, throughout their learning and development.

Duties for the Nannies may include:
  • Bathing and dressing, organizing regular nutritious, balanced meals and snacks, washing and ironing, collecting them from nursery, primary school, after-school activities etc.
  • Babysitting duties
  • Preparing and implementing a school routine
  • Supervising homework and exam preparation
  • Encouraging creativity, imagination and social development
  • Informing parents on their child’s progress
  • Caring for physical and mental health: includes looking after the children when sick, supervising administration of medicine (agreed with parents), visits to the doctor, listening to them etc.
  • Organizing fun, educational activities
  • Cleaning and tidying bedroom(s), toys and games room(s)
  • Preparing and organizing for special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas etc.
  • Preparing luggage and toys for travelling
  • Establishing and maintaining good communications with parents at all times
  • Respecting and adapting to parental preferences and needs in regards to discipline, routines, activities and living or travel arrangements
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